Maintenance and upgrading

Thorough maintenance or upgrading – the choice is yours

Service and quality in maintenance and upgrading

Heynck offer a complete service, and with long years of experience have developed to become specialists who really know their business. The long service lives of their own products, with the possibility of upgrading being taken into account as early as at development of the new cylinders, means that you have an economical alternative to a new unit – and under guarantee.

The use of patented welding methods for applying the most widely differing coatings outside and inside, and the use of top quality seals and components, guarantee that upgrades and overhaul can still be carried out even after many years of use.

Two types of upgrade

We offer our clients two different kinds of upgrade. Thorough maintenance servicing means that cylinders are expertly overhauled, in accordance with specifications and in accordance with the technical origin of the work. The upgrading of cylinders from other manufacturers includes, as well as the general overhaul, also the optimization of the design for longer service lives.

See for yourself. Our experience in maintenance and upgrading is at your disposal too, whatever your needs.

Thorough maintenance servicing

With maintenance servicing, the cylinders undergo a preliminary hydraulic test, in order to define any leaks. Once the cylinder has been disassembled and any problem found, we shall issue a quotation for approval, in which both the costs of the maintenance or repair and the delivery time are shown. The client’s approval for the maintenance marks the start of the work.


With upgrading, Heynck offer their clients a special service. In this situation, third-party products are not only given a general overhaul and perfectly restored, but, as a rule, are also provided with structural and design improvements. This means that upgrade cylinders often have better performance values and longer service lives than the original new product.

Your advantages:
  • Wide range of services
    (from new products through to maintenance and repair)
  • Maximum product quality - Made in Germany
    (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 3834)
  • The ultimate in reliability and reliance
  • Long service lives and long maintenance cycles
  • Individual designs and customized production
  • Personal advice – from the experts
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