Maximum reliability and maximum service life in hydraulics technology

Hydraulic cylinders, telescopic wash pipes, and versatile accessories

For widely differing systems in tunnel construction, pipeline driving, and all kinds of tunnelling, all over the world, we can supply all the hydraulic cylinders, telescopic wash pipes, and all their accessories.

Security, reliability, and long service life

Take advantage of the highest possible standards in security and reliability, whether with new units or upgrades. Maximum quality and service life are key features of these products too,  which you can use with no problem at all under extreme conditions, for long periods, and with complete reliability.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Our in-house design department will be happy to support you, right from the start, in developing solutions which precisely match your personal requirements. Heynck offer, for example, main press cylinders for use in confined installation situations in two-stage and three-stage configurations with the most widely differing stroke lengths.

We can find the optimum solution for your individual specifications. Just talk to us.

Your advantages:
  • Wide range of services
    (from new products through to maintenance and repair)
  • Maximum product quality - Made in Germany
    (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 3834)
  • The ultimate in reliability and reliance
  • Long service lives and long maintenance cycles
  • Individual designs and customized production
  • Personal advice – from the experts
Our products
  • Press cylinders
    • Two-stage and three-stage press cylinders
    • Different conventional variants and special design formats
    • Among other features with shortened installation dimensions for use in smaller start foundation excavation
    • Self-supporting over the entire extension length
    • No additional support required
    • Different designs of pressure plates for rapid assembly and disassembly of the cylinders
  • Expansion cylinders
    • For use in intermediate press stations (expansion stations)
    • Different stroke lengths and a range of different dimensions
    • Adjusted to the pressure force required in each individual case
    • With or without movable foot plates for installation in retaining bars
    • Special solutions (for example with position measuring systems or integrated limit switches) are possible, and are put into effect in consultation with our clients
  • Telescopic flush pipes
    • For feed and delivery lines (in particular with the hydraulic conveying process)
    • Different connections, rated widths, and stroke lengths
    • With the use of expansion stations, all supply and discharge lines must also be capable of having an adequate change of length carried out
  • Press frame cylinders
    • Mostly single-stage, for use in compact press frames
    • Standard cylinder as well as intermediate and special solutions for different stroke lengths, different installation spaces, and different press forces
    • Development of special solutions to clients’ specifications, and always in close co-operation with our design department
  • Control cylinders
    • Used in steerable tunnel boring machines
    • By way of the control linkage, these allow for steering of the machines in all directions
    • Different design formats
    • With and without position measuring systems
      (The position measuring systems used by Heynck and integrated in the cylinders are compatible with the conventional commercial systems, which means they are a genuine alternative if replacement is needed)
    • Special dimensions or configurations for meeting the client’s specific requirements
  • Upgrades and new units
    • Specialisation both with new units as well as when overhauling used tunnelling equipment
    • Complete disassembly, cleaning, and quality control of the cylinders
    • Removal of defective components and replacement by new parts
    • New sealing and testing on the test stand
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