Mining sector

Hydraulic systems for use in mines and industry "Made in Germany"

Take advantage of reliable shield prop support systems and hydraulic cylinders

These systems resist extreme industrial stresses and the toughest environmental conditions underground with no problem at all, and are matched exactly to your individual requirements in both underground and open cast mining.

Reduced costs, increased productivity

Our long years of close relations with carefully selected suppliers and total testing of preliminary materials by independent testing laboratories are fundamental preconditions for product quality certified to the highest DIN standard requirements - Made in Germany.

The high demand for quality is reflected, among other top features, in longer service lives, longer maintenance cycle intervals, and even greater reliability and reliance. And for you, that means reduced costs with increased productivity.

Safety for life and limb

Shield prop support systems and hydraulic cylinders from Heynck protect the lives of miners underground. This responsibility carries an obligation to provide top quality without compromise, in every component for every industry, to guarantee safety for life and limb.

New production, manufacture, and maintenance and repair

For more than 45 years, Heynck have been the people you can rely on, whether for new products, maintenance and upgrades, regardless of the manufacturer, of all kinds of shield prop support systems and hydraulic cylinders – and not only in the mining sector.

Just talk to us. We will be happy to advise you and answer your questions in a personal discussion.

The advantages for you
  • Wide range of services
    (from new products through to maintenance and repair)
  • Maximum product quality - Made in Germany
    (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 3834)
  • The ultimate in reliability and reliance
  • Long service lives and long maintenance cycles
  • Individual designs and customized production
  • Personal advice – from the experts
Our products
  • Shield prop support systems
    • Single-lift prop supports
      • Ideally suited for shield-type supports coal seams with constant heights
    • Two-stage prop systems with surface level compensation
      • Two-stage surface level compensation props guarantee the exclusion of sudden load variation needed between the first and second extension stage, thanks to ingenious surface level compensation 
    • Two and three TS props with base valve 
      • Two-lift props with base valves are an economical alternative to extending surface compensation. In the retracted state they are more compact than props with single lift, and that makes them easier to transport. Two-lift and three-lift props, with their more flexible height adjustment, are very well-suited for shield-type support in seams with highly changeable thickness.
  • Walking support cylinders
    • Walking support cylinders without position measuring systems
    • Walking support cylinders with prepared position measuring systems
    • Walking support cylinders with position measuring systems
      • Walking support cylinders draw the support units to the face. In the process, forced are generated of up to 180 kN per support unit.  Operating pressures can rise to as much as 350 bar. Because walking support cylinders are subjected to extreme mechanical loads, the piston rods require a particularly hard and wear-resistant coating. Position measuring systems integrated into the cylinder allow for precise control and monitoring of the lift stroke.
  • Other mining cylinders
    • Stell prop or staker cylinders
    • Base lifts
    • Corner cylinders
    • Coal face cylinders
    • Slewing cylinders
    • Thrust cylinders
    • Splitting cylinders
    • Tilting cylinders
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