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Heynck can look back on almost half a century of experience in the development and manufacture of special hydraulic cylinders for almost all sectors. The deep understanding of the technology, the influences on the product, and the constantly changing areas of application have enabled Heynck to become specialists whose services are valued all over the world.

The spatial proximity to the heartland of European heavy industry, the Ruhr region, gave rise to the development of mining hydraulics. To this day, Heynck manufacture all the prop systems and hydraulic cylinders. Thanks to their thorough understanding and the application of real quality, the complete testing of all materials and components, and thanks also to a team of experienced personnel, our clients worldwide can take advantage of longer service lives and high reliability.  Our aim is your maximum satisfaction.

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It proved possible at an early stage to put all the experience gained in the mining sphere  to use in other industrial sectors as well.  Heynck are the specialists when it comes to made-to-measure hydraulic cylinders which are required to stand up to extreme situations and the harshest environmental conditions.  Today, our hydraulic cylinders are to be found in almost all branches of industry.

Products from Heynck are in use not only in world famous high-precision paper-making machines producing paper bags and kitchen paper towels, but also in the tunnelling and tunnel construction sectors, where our products are making a reliable contribution to the worldwide extension and development of infrastructures. These are just two examples from very different sectors with very different requirements.

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B.Heynck GmbH
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